The Centervue Compass microperimeter (CenterVue) has been designed to evaluate the fundamental 30º radius for glaucoma. The Centervue Compass is the new standard in perimetry. The Compass is a retina camera based on the very latest confocal LED scanning (SLO) technique.

The complete process includes:

• automated alignment of the instrument to the patient, using bilateral pupil tracking;
• auto-focus, correcting for the patient’s spherical refraction;
• automated acquisition of live, infrared, retinal images;
• automated execution of the VF test;
• automated collection of fixation data throughout the VF test;
• automated compensation of eye movements during VF testing, using retina and pupil tracking;
• automated acquisition of a color retinal image, including auto-exposure;
• the only intervention by the operator during the process is the selection of the center of the ONH.

• Ergonomic and motorized chin rest. Improved cleaning ability of the patient rest cushions.
• Touch screen interface and high resolution, 2560×1600 pixel display.
• The patient push button is designed for improved ergonomics.
• Connectors on the back include 3 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port.
• Digital joystick is used for manual alignment and focusing.

Electrical requirements:

• Weight: 25 Kg
• Size: H 620 X W 590 X D 360 mm


• Fixation target: programmable, internal
• User interface: Nexus Tablet with 10.1” multi-touch screen
• Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Ethernet
• Printer: any printer compatible with Tablet
• Hard disk: SSD, 240 GB

• Automatic operation: auto-alignment, autofocus, auto-retinal tracking, auto-pupil tracking, auto-exposure, auto-capture
• Non-mydriatic operation: minimum pupil size 3 mm
• Working distance: 28 mm
• Auto-focus range: -12D to +15D

Other features:

• Field of view: 60° (diameter)
• Sensor resolution: 5 Mpixel (2592×1944)
• Light source: infrared (825-870 nm) and white LED (440-650 nm)
• Imaging modalities: color, infrared, red-free
• Resolution: 17 microns

Fundus Imaging:

• Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
• Consumption: 80 W

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