• KAIXIN KX5000V Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound Machine - 2 Year Warranty

KAIXIN KX5000V Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound is a slim laptop-style veterinary ultrasound. It is smart, light, easy to carry and convenient for examinations in the field. KX5000V is a hardy, reliable machine at an affordable price. It is one of the BEST laptop ultrasounds for bovine and equine reproduction.
This Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound is perfect for use in clinics or  health care institutions where limited space and mobility are of concern. 


  • 10.4" High resolution color LED monitor, high brightness, high contrast, wide visual, image clear and exquisite.
  • Menu operation, support 5 customized languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese.
  • OB measurement: EDD and GA for Bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine and llama.
  • Automatically calculate backfat and lean percentage of swine
  • 100 frames permanent storage, 256 frames cine loop.
  • Eight pseudo colors (incl.B/W).
  • Light touch keyboard, trackball and encoder, easy operation for doctor.
  • High speed USB port support high-capacity USB disk, and support the color laser printer print out all kinds of image and reports which make the output of diagnosis more convenient and simple.
  • Dual-mode TV output:PAL/NTSC, connecting to thermal printer and ultrasonic working station.
  • Adopted AC and DC to supply power, equipped with two pcs of high-capacity lithium batteries which can make machine work more than 200 minutes. 


  • Single probe socket, automatically identify the probe, support several optional probes.
  • Body mark: general cardiac, bovine, canine, equine, feline, cardiology, swine (7 kinds) total 27 pcs for body marks with probe position.
  • Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M, total 5 kinds.
  • 10 kinds of Magnification, maximum display depth is 240mm.
  • Gain range: 0~127dB.
  • Dynamic range: 27~90dB.
  • Gray: 256.
  • Intelligent TGC control: near-field and far-field adjustment
  • Adjustable and intelligent focus
  • Frame frequency: 30 frames/second
  • Cardiac measurements: depth, slope, heart rate, time.
  • 6 kinds grid setting for quick measurement
  • OB report function
  • Dual-mode TV output: PAL/NTSC, it could connect to video recorder and ultrasonic working station.
  • Adapter rating: 100-240V~, 50-60Hz,70VA. Output of adapter: DC12V 3.0A. Main device rating:DC12V 3.0A. 
  • Battery: high-capacity lithium Battery(2700mAh)
  • Net weight: 2.2kg.
  • Main unit size: 290x245x48mm(length x width x thickness)

Optional configuration:

  • Probe:

6.5MHz multi-frequency linear rectal probe

4.0Mhz multi-frequency convex rectal Probe and probe support

3.5MHz multi-frequency convex probe

7.5MHz multi-frequency linear probe

6.5MHz multi-frequency trans-vaginal probe

  • Thermal printer
  • Trolley

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KAIXIN KX5000V Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound Machine - 2 Year Warranty

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