Three Function in One Instrument:

The Tomey RT-7000 Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer is a all in one unit. Patients are able to receive a comprehensive inspection without the hassle of moving from station to station.

With one touch the RT 7000 is able to quickly switch from Ref-Kerato mode to Corneal Topography mode as the light cone appears from the measuring head and the Ref-Keratometer is transformed to Topographer.Easy & Speedy Touch Screen Alignment

The Touch Alignment of the Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer Tomey RT-7000 quickly aligns the eye cener with the center of the screen by simply touching the eye shown on the screen. The Auto Alignment and Auto Shot functions then start measurement immediately.

Dual CCD technology for Refractometry
Two CCD cameras capture images for observation and measurement while also providing accurate measurement data.
The viewing angle of the fixation target is wider to help patients feel relaxed during the process.

IOL/Cataract Mode:
When it is difficult to measure pseudophakic or cataract eyes in normal mode, the device automatically switches to IOL or Cataract mode to match the state of examination of the eyes being examined.

Features of Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer Tomey RT-7000:
- Three Functions in One Instrument
- Easy & Speedy Touch Screen Alignment
- 6.4 inch Color TFT LCD
- Refractometry
- Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil
- Keratometry
- Corneal Topography
- Various Color Maps
- CL Fitting Simulation
- Corneal Eccentricity Index for “Ortho-K Lens” (CEI)

- Measurement Ranges
- Refraction Measurement
- Sphere: -25.00D to +22.00D (VD=12.0mm)
- Cylinder: 0D to ±10.00D (VD=12.0mm)
- Axis: 0 to 180º

- Corneal Curvature Measurement: 5.00mm to 11.00mm (Measurement Zone: ø 3mm, R:8.00mm)

Corneal Mapping:
- Display Range: 9 to 100 D, –Normal Mode: ø1.0 to 8.0mm (R:8.0mm), –Special Mode: ø0.9 to 7.0mm (R:8.0mm)

Measurement Time:
- REF: 0.2 seconds
- KRT: 0.1 second

Minimum Pupil Diameter: ø2.2mm

Minimum Measurement Step:
- Refraction Measurement
- Sphere: 0.01D
- Cylinder: 0.01D
- Axis: 1º

Corneal Curvature Measurement: 0.01mm:
- PD (Pupil Distance): 50mm to 86mm
- Recording: Built-in Thermal Printer
- Vertex Distance: 0mm, 12.0mm, 13.5mm, 14.0mm, 15.5mm, 16.0mm
- Exterior Output: LAN port / 4USB ports

- Hight: 466mm or 18 inches
- Width: 307mm or 12 inches
- Depth: 490mm or 19 inches

- Weight: Approx. 20.00Kg (44.4lbs)
- Display: 6.4 inch color liquid crystal display

Power Supply:
- Voltage: AC 100 to 240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Consumption Power: 120VA to 150VA

Temperature: + 10Cº to + 40Cº
Display: 30% to 75%

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Tomey RT-7000 Autorefractor Keratometer

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