New KAIXIN KX5100V  model was working only a few hours. Comes in an aluminum case, with one extra battery.

This is a perfect ultrasound for large animals in a veterinary clinic or on the farm. LCD screen provides high brightness and contrast, a wide visual, and a clear image. USB port allows you to print out images and reports, making the output of diagnosis convenient and simple. Supports document management, software upgrades, and one key storage. 


  • Intelligent and adjustable focus
  • Hand-held design, multiple patents in one
  • Smart and light, easy to carry, convenient for examining.
  • 6.4" high resolution color LCD screen
  • Automatically calculate backfat and lean percentage of swine.
  • High speed USP port supports high capacity U disk, and color laser printer


  • Optional mouse to operate easier
  • Adopted AC and DC to supply power
  • Equipped with two high-capacity lithium batteries with more than 200 minutes working time
  • Language: Chinese/English.
  • Single probe socket, automatically identifies the probe, support several optional probes.
  • Body mark: General cardiac, Bovine, Canine, Equine, Feline, Cardiology, Swine (7 kinds), total 27 body marks with probe position.
    • Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M, (5 kinds)
    • 8 kinds of magnification, maximum display depth is 240mm.
    • Gain range: 0-127dB.
    • Dynamic range: 27-90dB.
    • Gray: 256.
    • Intelligent TGC control: near-field and far-field adjustment.
    • Frame frequency: 30 frames/second.
    • Pseudo-color: 8 kinds including black/white
    • Permanent image storage: 100 frames.
    • Cine loop: 256 frames.
    • General measurement: Distance, Perimeter, Area (trace method, ellipse method), volume, etc.
    • Cardiac measurements: depth, slope, heart rate, time.
  • Dual-mode TV output: PAL/NTSC, connecting to video recorder and ultrasonic working station.
  • Adapter rating:100-240V ,50-60Hz, 70VA. Output of adapter: DC12V 3.0A. Maom device rating: DC12V 3.0A..

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KAIXIN KX5100V Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound Machine - 2 Year Warranty

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