GE takes the portable cardiac Ultrasound to the next level with the GE Vivid iq. The Vivid iq combines the best of the Vivid systems with the portability of a laptop, and while it may be a lightweight at less than 10lbs. - don't let that fool you - it packs a heavyweight punch. With an intuitive touch interface that uses the same gestures you use on your smart phone, 4 transducer ports, up to 4 hours of battery life with the optional cart, and all the cardiac and shared service quantitative tools you've come to love on your current Vivid Ultrasounds, the Vivid iq will provide you top notch diagnostic imaging for years to come. 

The enclosed, flat keyboard surface allows for simple clean up of spills and during routine cleaning - simply wipe down with a disinfectant solution and go about your day. The intuitive trackpad replaces the clunky trackball in the previous models, and allows you to switch seamlessly between touchscreen and trackpad. With 4 transducer ports - 3 standard RS and 1 DLP port, your workflow has never been easier. GE offers 17 different probes including 2 ICE Catheters (8 and 10 French) and 4D TEE. Functionally, you will find a wide array of cardiac services such as Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Tracking, AFI, Strain & Auto EF, to name a few. As a true shared service device, the iq also offers many shares service features such as Auto INT, Logiqview, BFI and Bflow. 

The GE Vivid iq Ultrasound allows you travel to more places than ever before without compromising performance or features. 

Quantitative Tools Include:

Tissue Velocity Imaging 
Tissue Tracking
Tissue Synchronization Imaging
Strain Rate Imaging
Auto EF
Advanced 4D Quantitative Tools

Shared Service Tools Include:

Auto INT


  • Combines the best of the Vivid Ultrasound systems with the portability of a laptop
  • Less than 10 lbs. - 10% lighter than Vivid Q
  • AFI, 4D TEE, ICE
  • Intuitive Touch Interface - use the same touchscreen gestures you use on your other smart devices - pinch to zoom, etc.
  • Can be hand carried or placed on optional cart wherever you need it
  • Optional cart rolls on specially designed casters which are easy to maneuver through various clinical environments
  • 4 Hours of battery life on a full charge - 1 hour on the laptop, 3 additional on the optional cart
  • 3 standard RS Probe ports
  • 1 DLP probe port 
  • Multiple ports allows scanning in several different applications, which increases workflow efficiency
  • Trackpad replaces the trackball in previous models - allows you to switch between touch and trackpad seamlessly
  • Closed and flat keyboard surface allows for easy clean up - simply wipe with a disinfectant solution
  • Scan Assist which allows user to create customizable protocols
  • Simple to configure menus and shortcuts, with drag and drop interface
  • Unprecedented 3-Year Warranty


Dimensions and Weight
• Height: 64 mm (2.5")
• Width: 390 mm, (15.35")
• Depth: 362 mm (14.25")
• Weight with battery: 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)

Electrical Power
• Voltage: 100-240 VAC
• Frequency: 50/60 Hz
• Power: max. 130 VA
Operating System
• Windows® 7

Cart Dimension
• Height: 835 - 1115 mm (32.9" - 43.9")
• Width: 524.9 mm (20.7")
• Depth: 552.3 mm (21.7")
• Weight: 41 kg (90 Ibs.)

Cart Design
• Three USB ports
• Six probe holders
• Four probe cable hooks
• Charge box (optional ) – to charge
up to three batteries and to scan
more than 180 min with four fully
charged batteries
• Multi-probe box (optional ) – three RS,
one DLP to support 6VT-D

Display Monitor
• 15.6" wide screen full High-Definition
(HD) flicker-free LCD display with full
touch ability
• Ergonomic FlexFit design with
adjustable typing angle and flexible
view angle
• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, full HD
• Fold down and lock mechanism
for transportation
• Screen can be adjusted in different
angles for scanning mode, typing
mode and closing, allowing to optimize
the viewing angle in each position
• Backlight adjustable

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GE VIVID iq Cardiovascular Portable Ultrasound Machine

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